Weddings at The Executive Court Banquet Facility

The Executive Court offers our brides all of the amenities needed from private bridal suites to stunning photo areas, indoors and outdoors alike. Our beautifully manicured floral grounds include several gazebo’s and waterfall settings that will make extraordinary backdrops to any photo or video.


Corporate Events

Need to host a Global Sales Training Seminar, Private Off-site Strategy Session or a Key Customer Meeting? The Executive Court Banquet Facility is an ideal choice for any corporate event. Whether for a small private board of directors meeting or an extensive global event, our facilities can accommodate as many as 500 participants.


Social Events

Let the Executive Court Banquet Facility make your social event a success! The Executive Court Banquet Facility features 3 sizable function rooms that when combined can accommodate as many as 500 guests comfortably. We take great pride in our quality of service and feel very confident that we will provide you with the utmost to make your private party a memorable one.


Three Great Facilities at your Disposal.

Having a Banquet Facility, an award winning Restaurant and a top rated Hotel
on the same property we are New Hampshire's choice for all your functions.

The Executive Court Banquet Facility

One of New Hampshire's premier
destinations for the perfect wedding
reception, corporate event or private party.

The Yard Restaurant Seafood & Steakhouse

Join our friendly and courteous staff at
The Yard Restaurant for an evening of
fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

Best Western Plus
Executive Court Inn

Join us at Manchester's best affordable Hotels.
Comfortable and Cozy Accommodations
Designed for Rest and Relaxtion.

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